Return to Canon EOS 1000, but with an F

I have been given a few cameras recently, this one included. I have tried a version of this camera before, the Japanese version. This is the European version.

When I was first given it, it didn’t work having been stuck in a cupboard for a number of years. I cleaned the battery points and then it did fire up, but the autofocus did not respond. So I clean the points on the lens and the camera. Voilà, let there be…movement/power…something. As I have loads of expired E6 film I put in some of that and went to vintage vehicle show, because I can.

Here are some of the colour shots.

I think this example performed better than the last one I tried. I also converted the film to black and white to compare.

They both have their charms, what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Return to Canon EOS 1000, but with an F

      1. Toby says:

        I like that film this time, not sure if it’s the same as the previous expired slide film you did. Maybe it could take another stop of exposure. But overall….hey people pay limo a fortune for that effect!
        The b&w turned out nice to which I guess is a bonus.

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