More Box Brownie Photos

I tried again with the Kodak Brownie No2. I got a fat roll again. But I did get a few unfogged shots. I tried a double exposure and a shot inside on bulb this time.

I used Kosmo Foto 120 this time and I really like the look of the film. For the inside shot I set the camera on a table, closed the aperture to f32 and used a 34 second exposure on bulb. It definitely came out better than my pinhole camera.

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  1. Jeez, what a wonderful interior shot!

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    • Thanks I really like that one too. I had another but it fogged due to the fat roll. I will try again next week. I am really liking the brownie.


  2. Really like these, my fave is the double exposure. Could have fun with that making people “twins”. Does it have a tripod mount? If not I bet it could be modded to have one.


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