Fantastic Plastic Book

I have finally finished the book about Frank Hurley. It was a heavy read. I don’t think I will read another biography for a while.

So now I have picked up this book…

I am thinking about the cameras I want to take to Japan tomorrow. I have to take my Nikon D750, but what camera for fun?

I have a suitcase with at least 5 cameras in it safe with a friend in Japan. Inside is a 35mm SLR, a TLR, and compacts are easy to get. So a toy camera seems the best choice at the moment….I am ignoring the golden half I know is in the case too.

I thought I would look through this book for inspiration. I do have the Diana F+ with an Instax back, plus the super wide and slim which I have yet to test. I don’t want to fill up my luggage with cameras I own in case go shopping for some bargains.

If you could take one camera for fun, what would it be?

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  1. Pentax PC35AF. I like the photos you take with that more than most of the other non SLR shots.

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  2. That’s a difficult one, either my Yashica Samurai or Vivitar super wide and slim.

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  3. Fujipet – the original 6×6 cm model loaded with Neopan 100.

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    • I still have a fujipet as one was returned. But I can pick them up there sometimes. If I was going to take the fujipet, I think I would switch to the Diana F just because of the attachments.

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