Lomography Diana F+

This camera was in a shop in a ziplock bag with an extra lens. As I had recently tried another Lomography camera and liked it, I decided to give this one a go.

You can also get another lens, a fisheye, that was not in the bag. Neither was a mask which lets you take 4×4 photos. So I was stuck with the 6×6 on 120 film. I was fine with that. There are quite a few reviews of this camera online already including this one with lots of technical data and this one with details of the Instax back. I also didn’t get the flash, but I really do not mind about that as I will probably only use it outside.

The settings are found on the barrel of the lens, before the part that the lens parts attach to. There are a few settings for lighting conditions, plus a P for pinhole. The actual lens has the distance selector which is incredibly hard to see. It is a tiny little arrow which can only be seen if you catch a reflection at the right angle.

Once I had figure out how the camera worked and found a spare spool, I loaded some Shanghai GP3. Unfortunately, this film has a black paper backing and it was almost impossible to see the numbers through the window. Unless I was in really bright light, I had to guess how much to advance by the number of rotations. If I use this camera again I will use a film with white backing paper.

I took the camera to a street corner in Akihabara and tried out the various settings. Of course, I could try multi-exposure pinhole, super-wide 38mm (how is that superwide?), and 75mm. I tried them all 🙂

Here is my test roll.

Lo and behold, for a toy camera these aren’t bad at all. I really like using it. I am not so keen on the pinhole ones of the crossing, but I love the multi-exposure and the blurred edges of the super-wide lens. I am really tempted to get the Instax back for this setup and try to find the smaller mask.

Even though I like this camera and the functions, I am absolutely sure I would not pay the full price for another if it broke. And it is plastic, it is all plastic. One drop on hard ground and it is done for.

Keep or sell: I went to visit the lomography shop in Tokyo. I bought some of the items such as the instax back and the fisheye lens, so have kept the whole system for fun 🙂

11 thoughts on “Lomography Diana F+

  1. Toby says:

    Hey I am surprised how much I like the shots. So much so that if one crosses my path super cheap (carboot) I’ll grab it. I’ve passed them up in the past. Like you I am not too keen on the pinhole ones though that maybe subject matter. Imagine using it for a landscape or lake or seascape. Bit like long exposure stuff with Nd filters. Then pinhole might be nice.
    I think if I were you I’d consider personalising/protecting it with it being fragile plastic. I have some leathers samples from an upholsters, that’s the kind of thing I mean. 2-3 mm thick, cushion it a bit, maybe improve the feel too. You’re gifted at covering things I know. And you I can imagine an Instax back would be fab.


    1. windswept007 says:

      The Holgas I have used have turned out quite nice too. They seem to be cheaper, but have less attachments. I could cover this, it it wouldn’t look good….painting it on the other hand might be an idea 🙂


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