Canon EOS 300 (EOS Rebel 2000, EOS Kiss III)

I was expecting to write a scathing review of this plastic camera from 1999 but I loved it. Another camera I love and a cheap one at that. I can’t even remember where I got this one from so it must have been really cheap. I think I got it in order to use the one EOS lens I have.

You can find technical details here. The first thing I noticed and liked was that it loaded all the film into the body of the camera and then counted down as you used it. I always like that, easy. It was also really quiet, barely a peep out of it. But the main thing I liked was the weight and feel. It is very light and surprisingly pleasant to hold. It won’t hurt your neck on a long walk. Also, you may think it is going to be very plasticky, but the two-tone material on the front of the body actually makes it feel nice in your hand.

In terms of modes, it has all the modes you might ever need. It has iso override, bracketing, presets, manual, aperture priority, speed priority and can take multiple exposures.

As you can see by the photos of the camera, I took it on a walk in the countryside and Bingley Five Rises Locks. I am going to try and take photos of the cameras I use where I use them. I might forget, but that is the plan.

Here are the shots I got using some donated Kodak Ekta 100.

I think I might keep this one, I need something to put on the lens. In the end I sold this example and lens, but quickly regretted it. So I got another very cheaply, lucky me. The lens attached isn’t as wide or zoomy, so I messed up selling this one.

Update: I ended up giving the replacement away to a photography student as I got another, very similar camera…in fact it was exactly the same but the name was different, the canon 3000n.

13 thoughts on “Canon EOS 300 (EOS Rebel 2000, EOS Kiss III)

  1. jonathaninmadrid says:

    The EOS 300 is a very capable camera and a pleasure to use, despite being cheap and plasticky. It’s certainly better than the equivalent Pentax models of the same time period (such as the MZ-5).

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    1. Peggy says:

      I agree. I have tried a couple of them and they are capable, but ultimately I didn’t like them. The battery cover always seemed very weak.


  2. Chris and Carol says:

    You got some great shots out of it – love the rainbow image! My Canon Rebel 2000 (stupid name) is still going strong after all these years. Carol purchased it new for me in late 2002 after my F-1 meter took leave of its senses and ruined most of my travel pics taken that year. I like everything about the camera except the AF is a tad slow (even by the standards of the day). I learned to deal with it over time and I actually “played” with it the other day – it felt like an old friend in my hands and the familiar sound it makes whenever the flash “pops” up for no good reason.
    You definitely found a worthy camera and your photography bears that out! ^.^

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  3. kevinallan says:

    I have the same camera, and have started to use it again after giving it a rest. The camera bodies can be picked up for £5 and I recently got a Canon EF 50mm f1.8, the latest model, for £40 from Cash Convertors, which is a great lens. I’m planning to take the camera on a family holiday home to Rome; I think the auto features will be handy on a family trip when you can’t stop for too long.


    1. Peggy says:

      I still have mine and will probably keep it. Though I do like the Nikon FM10 I just tried. This one has auto focus though. I might have a look for that lens you mentioned though, that is a good price for a great lens.


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