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Canon EOS 300 (EOS Rebel 2000, EOS Kiss III)

I was expecting to write a scathing review of this plastic camera from 1999 but I loved it. Another camera I love and a cheap one at that. I can’t even remember where I got this one from so it must have been really cheap. I think I got it in order to use the one EOS lens I have.

You can find technical details here. The first thing I noticed and liked was that it loaded all the film into the body of the camera and then counted down as you used it. I always like that, easy. It was also really quiet, barely a peep out of it. But the main thing I liked was the weight and feel. It is very light and surprisingly pleasant to hold. It won’t hurt your neck on a long walk. Also, you may think it is going to be very plasticky, but the two-tone material on the front of the body actually makes it feel nice in your hand.

In terms of modes, it has all the modes you might ever need. It has iso override, bracketing, presets, manual, aperture priority, speed priority and can take multiple exposures.

As you can see by the photos of the camera, I took it on a walk in the countryside and Bingley Five Rises Locks. I am going to try and take photos of the cameras I use where I use them. I might forget, but that is the plan.

Here are the shots I got using some donated Kodak Ekta 100.

I think I might keep this one, I need something to put on the lens.

Canon EOS Kiss (or EOS 500 or EOS Rebel X/XS)

Gosh, this camera has a lot of names, but in Japan, it is a Kiss. I find a million of these in junk bins, I just had to try one while I had the chance. They are as cheap as chips, plus I already had a lens.

You can read all the technical details you might ever need here. As you can see it is from 1993 and is cheap and plasticky. This one has a panoramic switch, but when I used it the mask got stuck and didn’t retract unless I pushed it, so I just didn’t bother using it after that. The flash also didn’t work. The last thing that bothered me was the super slow focusing. I can find millions and I pick up a faulty one, perfect!

The thing I did like was the super silent shutter, honestly the quietest I have ever heard. Hardly even a whoosh or a pfttth. Perfect for ninja stealth photography…not so perfect when you are shouting, “focus, damn it.” Though the bodies are easy and cheap to get, the lenses are a bit trickier as they fit modern digital cameras. I lucked into this 35-70mm zoom which was as clean as a whistle, but not wide enough or long enough. I much prefer a 28mm.

Here are my test shots which I took at Mashiko Pottery Fair and a few at the Hitachi Nemophilia Festival.

I really didn’t like this camera. While using it I barely thought about what I was doing, I just didn’t like the feel of it. It just didn’t click with me. Isn’t that funny? How one camera you love and another you hate, but there really is no reason why. I was also a bit late for the nemophilia which didn’t add to my feelings about the camera.

Keep or sell: These cameras are a dime a dozen and with this one having issues I think it will just go in the bin.


Canon EOS 1000 QD (Rebel)

When you are searching for Canon SLRs in Japan you are lucky to find anything other than a kiss. Which may sound interesting, but kiss after kiss after kiss can be quite tiresome. In the USA the same camera is called, “Rebel”. So I guess a kiss is better than a rebel. Anyway, I was happy to find a 1000 QD…and then I found out it is basically a rebel and a kiss, bugger. Oh well might as well try it out.

I got the body for less than $10 and the lens separately for about the same. This one was introduced in 1990 and has a built in flash. There is nothing different or special about this camera. If you are looking for a film camera, this will do very well. But there are much cooler and sharper cameras around. The mode selection dial for Canon hasn’t changed much over the years and when you see this camera from 30 years ago, it feels familiar.

This one seemed to have an issue focusing and it sometimes struggled to lock onto my chosen target. Though it didn’t help that this was one of the wettest months I have ever known in my whole life and it is set to continue into the next. Each day seems to have been rainy and dull. It made testing cameras quite difficult at times and quite depressing on the whole. For this test I went back to a park near a place where I sometimes buy cameras. For the rest of the film I was stuck around my place of work.


Once the camera finally locked onto the subject it performed really well, but due to the length of time it took for that to happen I got quite frustrated. I ended up chucking the the camera and selling the lens. I don’t think I will buy another Canon SLR as I have an AE1 which I haven’t blogged about yet.