Pissed about Rocks


  1. I hadn’t heard this. The rocks are not not that far from me (usernames should tell you that). Were you just visiting or do you come from somewhere close? Your post on the ‘stuck’ OM1 is useful; I’ll have a look to see if I can fix mine.


      1. You’ll be very welcome back.
        Since my comments somewhere on my ‘stuck’ OM1n I’ve found that it isn’t. It’s the metering, modified to take an SR44 cell which gave up, so I’m not so fussed about that (except that I paid to have it modified and serviced). The metering, unmodified, on my OM1 (without the n) doesn’t work either so the missing disc for setting the ASA isn’t very important either. Maybe I’ll just take them both on my forthcoming trip, one for my preferred B&W, one for colour.


  2. People have no respect for nature anymore… but it’s okay, humans are the real victims here, because the Earth will survive long after we’re all gone 😀


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