Konica FS-1

Even though I have other cameras to test and post before I leave Japan in August, this is the last camera I will buy…honest…maybe…unless I see something gorgeous, well, someone has just told me about a shop I haven’t visited yet. No promises.

I decided to make my maybe last purchase in Japan at my favourite junk shop in Nakano. So off I set…


Aaaarrrrggghhhhhh!!! It’s gone…GONE!! Not just closed, but grounded to dust 😦

Well, I might as well go to their other shop and buy some film. While I was paying I asked, “Junk Shop wa doko desu ka?” Where is your junk shop?!!!!!

“Ohh daijoubu, koko chizu desu” …Nah worries mate, here is a map! YES!!!

So off I trot to a whole new part of Nakano I have never seen before and it is AWESOME! Lots of !! and Capital Letters in this post. Seriously, I have lived here for so long and I am still finding new and interesting things.

After a little wandering and staring. I find the shop and I pick out a few things that look like a good choice for the last junk buy. Then I see it. Not a junk buy, a counter buy. It looks so clean and sparkly, plus it has batteries in already. I put my other choices back on the shelf, get this and buy a junk strap. I take apart a keychain, to get the ring to attach the strap, load a film and start using it straight away.

Look at this shiny camera.

Everything seemed to work, it sounded awesome. A real “kuchissshh-kum” when the shutter fires. I love it. This 1979-83 camera is the first 35mm SLR to have a motor drive.  Though according to this website the first examples of this camera often failed, the later ones were improved and much more reliable. Luckily mine is one of the later versions. Another luckily, this example already had batteries inside or might have been tempted to use rechargeable AA ones. DO NOT USE RECHARGEABLES. More capitals. But seriously the electronics are sensitive and using rechargeables might damage your camera as the voltage is not stable. Once the electronics are gone so is the camera.

Another thing I like is the shutter lock, white dot for go, red dot for locked. Plus it will not fire without enough light. I kept mine on auto aperture, but it can also work in manual mode. While in manual mode the viewfinder will indicate the suggested aperture but will fire if it is not chosen. And that is about it, simple. Oh, even though there is a motor drive you have to manually rewind the film.

Here are my test shots. Actually, a friend stole MY camera for a couple of shots while we were at a photo exhibition. Plus, I am in Japan so I finally added a few photos of beetles, because kids (and adults) are nuts about them here. The first photo is the camera shop where I bought it.

It is awesome. My new favourite camera. I also love my friend’s face, which clearly says, “Seriously another camera, seriously you are taking my photo again!!”

The photo exhibition was by Takuya Ugajin and called Hyena’s Dream. It was awesome talking to him about the photos, his travels and of course, cameras.

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      Yeap, that is why I keep getting cameras. I can resist these shops. When I go back to the uk there are no shops like this. Here there are two within walking distance of my house. Huge second hand or recycle stores are very common here.

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