Minolta Capios 75 (riva zoom 75W)

A while ago I tried the Minolta 25 and loved it. So when I saw the 75 I thought wow, it must be the really updated version…there are a whole 50 points between the two numbers, I know my math! But no, this version has just 5mm focal points of difference, 5!! I know my math, that is 10x less than I was expecting?!

Well, pfft…here is my example. Behold the 28-75mm instead of 28-70mm!

This camera came out in 1997, so basically it took two years to add 5mm of zoom. Though I am sure there are other differences, you can’t tell by looking at it.

But did this example work?

Yeap, just like the 25 version, it is just a little package of awesomeness. Super sharp and perfect exposure and best of all…wisteria season!!

Keep or sell: Come on, I get a whole 5mm extra length here. So keep, for now, seeing as I just gave away my mju.

7 thoughts on “Minolta Capios 75 (riva zoom 75W)

  1. Jim Grey says:

    The major camera manufacturers made a ton of different P&S cameras in the 90s and 00s — and too many of them aren’t that great. So when someone like you finds one that really performs, you’re doing us all a real public service by sharing!

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  2. Toby says:

    Lovely photos, particularly the wisteria. I tried to love one of these cameras but couldn’t…..it was .y first attempt to find a wide compact. Nothing wrong with the photos it produced, they were good but nothing special. But I really disliked the tactile experience of this camera….felt like cheap bulky plastic. Much preferred the feel of the later Pentax espios, smaller, instire of me having big..ish hands. The also have a nicer all metal finish and more shooting options and control. I was really underwhelmed by trying this camera as I generally like Minolta stuff but this really disappointed me.

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  3. Toby says:

    Oh on the subject of extra length…. The espios gave me 105 and 120…though I eventually traded the 120 reach for 4mm extra width, I found that mattered more to me . I settled on a 24-105 with the inventive name of espio 24ew…… Must mean early warning !!!!!

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