Olympus µ Mju Panorama

I was very excited to see this camera in a junk bin. I thought it might be the famed mju II, but no. Still, it looked like a clean version and might possibly work. Plus it was only $3, awesome.

I walked around a couple of places, including Asakusa. The rounded design of the camera made it feel really comfortable to hold. I didn’t have a strap on it at that point, but it was small enough to hold in my tiny hands. It is literally a point a shoot, no zoom. The only thing you have to think about is the flash. There are four flash setting auto, auto-s, off, and fill-in. It reverts back to auto on shut down. The auto-s is for red-eye reduction.

The lens is a 35mm 3.5f minimum. It was released in 1992 and has magnets which move a mask in front of the film for the panorama shots. Now, when I scanned the film I saw white lines on some photos. I wasn’t sure if it was the scanner or the mask. Looking closely at the negs I could see it was a scanner issue. Phew.

Here is my test roll.

I prefer the closer shots to the landscapes. The tree trunk and Starbuck’s cup especially show the great focusing effects of the camera. Despite the issues with the film and scanner, I really like the camera. I have already put in my last purple Lomography roll, which I don’t like. Maybe this camera will change my mind.

Keep or sell: keep 🙂

I used a Lomochrome purple in this camera. Read about it here.

9 thoughts on “Olympus µ Mju Panorama

  1. yashicachris says:

    It did very well! As I’ve said before, your “test shots” are way better than most people’s regular shots. I especially like the the scooter pic and the buildings, and the signs and the… wait they’re all really good! A keeper to be sure.


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