Yashica Minimatic S

This is actually my 100th camera post. It is a bit of a disappointing camera to get to a milestone with, but at least it is a Yashica.

I got this for $10 and it was broken, only slightly, but still broken. The catch on the bottom, the O-P slider, would not open the back. So I yanked the back open with a dentist’s tool, just to see inside and see if it was worth trying to fix. There was a little bit of fungus, but really not a lot. So I whipped off the bottom and saw that a spring had sprung. I reattached it and voila – a maybe working camera.

So what about the rest of the camera. I thought the scale on the top was a light meter, but it is really just an over the top ASA marker. The light meter is a needle scale inside the viewfinder and it still moved in the right direction. That was a good sign. The second image of the rangefinder was very faint, but still just visible. So I loaded up a fuji 400 film and set off to a local festival.

The camera actually got a lot of notice and I have found a few of my friends or associates making a switch to film. So here is the test roll.

And that is why I was a bit disappointed it was the 100th camera. Not great, not bad, just meh. I didn’t really enjoy using it either, not really enough control and too heavy. It does have a 1.8f lens and that helped on the cloudy day I used it. The main issues seemed to be over exposure. There is a scale inside the viewfinder, but no lock on the shutter. That means if you use it you have to stay out of the red.

At the end of the day it is a camera from 1963, it is lucky to still have a working light meter.

Keep or sell: Neither, I am going to give it away.

Also the photos of the camera were taken on a nikon aw130, I do not recommend it. I can’t wait to get my canon s90 back. Roll on summer.


3 thoughts on “Yashica Minimatic S

  1. Jim Grey says:

    Yashica seems to have put out a lot of little cameras like this one, so many I can’t keep track of them all. This one looks reasonably capable! You’re fortunate to have found one with a working meter.


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