Olympus OMG (OM20)

I saw this camera online and thought OMG I have to have it. OMG, really how awesome is that. OMG was first used as an acronym over a hundred years ago in a letter to Winston Churchill. This camera is really the OM-20, but it was released in some markets as the OMG in 1983. It isn’t much different from the OM-10, but it does have a built-in manual adapter.

Finding an example released as OMG seemed to be impossible in Japan so I reached out to my Yashica friend in America and it seemed as soon as I asked, sourced, paid, it was here. It came with a Vivitar wide-angle lens, which was perfect as I have a few 50mm OM lenses… though not in Japan. It also came with a battery, even more awesome. The owner of the website has told me he used to live in Japan so I thought I would test the camera in that area. I tried two films to make sure I got lots of shots for him as he hasn’t seen it for a while.

I love the camera. I know I have been all into Contax recently, but holy moly this camera felt good to hold. It has a satisfying shutter sound. There are no bells and whistles, no settings other than auto, manual, or B. Easy as. But did this example work?

I put some fresh Fuji 100 film inside and set off to Yokohama. I walked around Honmoku, Yokohama.

Film one.

This is the second film. For this film, I was mainly in Sankeien Gardens nearby.

I did find the film was over-exposed a little, but not so much it couldn’t be adjusted. When I use the camera again I will change the ASA to see if that helps. Other than that I love it, and the lens is super sharp. This super reviewer didn’t like it quite as much as me, he especially mentioned the shutter slapping sound. Thanks, Yashica Friend for the trip to Yokohama, I loved the park.

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  1. yashicachris says:

    It looks like the OMG did exceptionally well. You captured the vibe of this lovely area of busy and big Yoko perfectly. The first few shots are looking down the street that Carol and I lived on albeit in ugly US Navy built houses vice these pretty new houses. The Japanese have done wonderful things to the area since the land reverted back to them. We love seeing the elementary school there too. The Olympus and Fujifilm captured the fall colors beautifully. We’ve always dreamed of going back to that neighborhood to live again – I wonder if anyone there needs the assistance of a couple of older gaijins to teach English or take care of their houses while they’re away.

    Sankei-en is also one of our favorite spots and it looks grand in your images. Looks like we found a keeper for you in this Olympus. I was impressed with it when we got it and I quickly sent it off to you so as not to be tempted to keep it!

    Thanks so much for sharing your pictures with us. They brought back so many great memories!
    Chris and Carol ^.^

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    1. windswept007 says:

      My pleasure. Actually, I realised I have been there many times as a few friends work at the international school nearby. I just didn’t know what the area was called.

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  2. grumpytykepix says:

    I’d say the Olympus OMs are my favourite cameras though I’d never thought about the OMG designation as it was not sold in the UK as that. Very funny. I have all the OMs with the exception of the OM3 – silly prices now. I’d usually opt for the OM1 as shooting doesn’t rely on a battery (like the OM3) but mine has jammed up so it’s the OM2 I’ll be taking on my forthcoming trip to Romania (as discussed in my recent post).


    1. windswept007 says:

      One of my OMs jammed too and I managed to get it going again. It wasn’t so tricky, though yours might have a different issue. Have you tried to fix it?


      1. grumpytykepix says:

        I haven’t yet. Maybe I’ll have a look before I leave for trip in July. It was serviced and light meter circuit modified to take modern battery but after a few months jammed. I couldn’t raise the guy who did it then I was ill so it was a while before I tried again but he had ‘disappeared’. He was rather old and no longer advertises the service. Maybe if I get the bottom off it will be something simple to fix.


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