Chinon ZC 200 (sprocket adapted)

This is another one of the presents I received over the summer. It is a regular point and shoot camera with one difference. The sender took out the mask so the light could also hit the sprocket area of the film.

And here is what I found on the net about this camera…….



Nothing, NOTHING, absolutely nothing. Not even in Japanese, and I searched in Japanese as it is a Japanese company. On the company website, it is not listed. This is a fake camera.

I am not one to give up and I decided just to search for a point and shoot with a 38-70mm zoom…Nothing. Fake camera.

Why not click on images?? You never know??

Then, I saw this


Holy Moly, it is exactly the same. Exactly, the same on the front and top, but the Yashica has a data back. BUT it is exactly the same. I can’t say anything about the Chinon, but this camera is from 1995.

Anyway, I slapped in an expired film and got to shooting. And… back to terrible processing. I miss Photo Hippo. The shop lady was cute though, she drew a photo of why the film could not be scanned ready for when I came to pick it up. Of course, I already knew this and had a plan in mind…a 120mm film plate and sellotape.

I managed to get some images off the film and convert them to black and white to get rid of the colour cast.


I took the camera to Nihonbashi and Ueno for the dreary, rainy, humid day. Can you see the curved light reflection in the top right corner? If you check the inside of the camera you will see the spirals for the zoom. I think if you are going to remove the mask to expose the film sprockets, it would be better not to use a zoom camera. The light obviously reflects off these spiral tracks. Still, awesome gift and fun project.

3 thoughts on “Chinon ZC 200 (sprocket adapted)

  1. Tobybrownson says:

    Cool, it works, glad it was fun too. You know you have the only sprocket hole exposed photos done by a 35mm compact rather than 120 on the whole of the net.(well as of my last search). New it did from my negs. That was my prototype I gave you. I used it cos a little of the light seal foam came out from around the front of the lens. Which accounts for the light leak, thought it might, but I figured Lomo, it won’t matter. Your right about the yashica, I already have one to convert…..if you want one minus the light leak let me know . Mmm cottage industry maybe.
    God I’m a geek. Oh and I have looked for fixed lens length cameras to do it to, to no avail. This is still the ONLY camera it’s possible on for one reason or another.


    1. windswept007 says:

      Maybe because the lens moves forward it is easier to access the mask? I will look for the seal, maybe I can fix it? And yeah for originality, the only 35mm mod, well done you.


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