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Today is World Photo Day, 177 years since photography was ‘invented’. So what better day for a blog post, not that I need an excuse. I have already tried an OM1. I reskinned it and sold it to a friend. I saw it recently when he brought it to a work event. My first thought was “ooh what a pretty camera!”, then I realised which camera is was and really regretted selling it. So, when I saw another in the junk bin I had to have it. This time it was the OM1n, which has a few improvements to the original version. I left the sale tag on to remind me how lucky I am, an OM1n for less than $20.

From what I have read there isn’t too much difference between the Om1 and the OM1n, a few extra exposure controls. To be honest I didn’t see much of a difference. I found this one deep in a junk bin with a 50mm lens attached, a filthy lens which I took off immediately. I might try taking the lens apart later. I had a handy wombled lens that I had previously tried and attached that.


I am not going to go into the details of the camera function as I have already talked about a very similar one. Plus this website has a fantastic review of this particular camera. A great blog and super photographer.

I was fairly confident this camera worked after I put in a hearing aid battery, A675/D6 which is a good replacement for the old mercury batteries. I didn’t even bother putting in an adapter. I just took off the blue label and left it for 30 mins to activate then carefully put it in the clean compartment, making sure it touched both connectors. Then I slapped in an expired film and went off to see some sunflowers.

The only issue I had with the camera was the film advance, it was a little stiff, but not overly so.

Here is the test film results.


Ok so the other issue I have is the quality of the scans. Here is the index print from the developer.

IMG_20160819_0002 copy

It doesn’t look so bad. But my scans on a Canon 9000F MarkII were very different. This is an expensive hobby so I want to cut costs where possible. That means scanning the negatives myself, but the difference is sometime heartbreaking. On the plus size the camera worked perfectly so I saved a few quid there. I think, with an OM10, Om4 and Om1n, I have all the olympus SLRs I will ever need or want. I have yet to add the OM10 to this site, but I will eventually.

Keep or sell: hello contax 167 MA , since getting that I have decided to sell my Olympus collection…bar one, I haven’t decided on the one but probably OM4. This one…sold.



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