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Graffiti and the Holga 135

I have already tried this camera, but I gave that away ages ago and found this one for $3. There is a BC version which means black corners indicating more vignette. As you can see from my example photos the original camera already has quite a lot of vignetting.

I was quite excited to try this camera again as every 120 Holga I have tried has had pleasing results. I didn’t really give this one a chance when I first tried it as, but my opinion of fantastic plastics has chanced since then.

As I was going to London for the 100 heroines exhibition, I decided to take some time to try this camera in an area I have not visited before. I did a search for places to see if you have already seen the top tourist spots and Shoreditch came up as a choice. For fun I thought I would try to capture the graffiti around the area with a black and white film. I loaded a Fomapan 100 with the intention of push processing it to 400. I thought it would have a different look to it and show off the vignetting.

I absolutely loved my day in Shoreditch, an area I had not even thought to visit before. Everywhere I looked there was something else to see. Using the Holga was easy and the resulting photos are by far favourite series of photos that I have completed recently. I have already put another film in the camera, a colour one this time. Where shall I take it?

Polaroid 600P with Impossible Film v Instax

This post is really about instant films, with a review of the Polaroid 600P thrown in.

I always said I would not buy a polaroid camera due to the price of the replacement film. Then I spotted a boxed camera in a junk bin and right next to it was a box of original film. The whole lot was $10 bargain. This version of the Polaroid 600 series is from the early 2000s with a built-in flash and a close up lens.

I was fairly excited. As soon as I got the set home I popped in the film.

The camera looked great apart from the strap. It was beyond saving so I cut it off.

I lined up a shot and waited for the leader to pop out….and waited…and waited. I pressed the button again…nothing. The film was way too old and all the slides were stuck together. Polaroid went out of business in 2008 so there was no chance for a replacement. Then came along ‘The Impossible Project’ as detailed in this blog. BUT with a price tag of over $20 for 8 shots I had to do a lot of thinking before I ordered some. Then I figured it would be a great project for this blog and ordered some.


Inside was a tip sheet and I had read a few blogs on how the film was a little unstable. So for the first few shots, I followed the instructions to the letter.

  • I used the flash
  • I did not shake the film
  • I put the shots upside down on a flat surface as soon as I took them and left them for a few minutes.

The first shot I corrected the contrast and density after the scan, the second is more like the actual image. It does look a little funky, especially around the edges. But as this was a test I tried to use it in more realistic conditions. I took the camera for a short walk and once I took a shot I put it in my pocket, vertically, carefully, next to a flat surface. Again, I was very careful.

Oh dear, not really worth $20. I am so proud of the people making it and trying to keep polaroid alive, but that does not mean I will buy another pack just yet. It needs to be much more stable.

As a comparison, I used my new checki find. My old checki gave up the ghost, but they are quite easy to find in Japan and this one seems much better.

I got some of the new monochrome film from amazon and took a few shots. The rest are still in the camera for the next time I go into Tokyo.

Unfortunately for the impossible project, it looked great and was very stable. The colours were also black and white, not a weird sepia colour. That being said, I do prefer the size of the 600. Then again there is the wide version of Instax.

So keep or sell. I could try and sell the polaroid, but who will buy it with the film issue?

As for the Instax, I thought of a way to use it. When I go on trips or holiday I use it to add to a travel diary. That is a new hobby and I need lots more practice.