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Lomography Fisheye 2

I found this in a Japanese second hand shop for $3, bargain. I have already tried the first version and gave it away when I originally left Japan, so was please to find this upgraded version…and it is PINK!

It was in perfect condition and considering these are still for sale on their own website for £55 and on Amazon for £60, it was even more of a bargain. It really is a fantastic plastic purely for fun camera. You can get all the details you need on the Lomography website, but for now it is a f8, 1/100th fixed focus camera with a flash powered by one AA battery. The 10mm lens means the resulting shots contain almost everything to the front of the camera in a circular frame. Plus, almost everything will be in focus too. There is a switch on the back which resets the shutter, this allows for multiple exposures to be taken. The shutter options includes a bulb mode and a lock, so no more bag shots like the previous version. It definitely is better than the first version. But is it not as “practical” as the Diana F+ as it only does fisheye photos, though it is smaller and sturdier.

For my first test roll I didn’t use the flash but did try the multiple exposure feature. I found the results were more pleasing when there was an object closer to the camera. I also liked how it could fit in the whole of a large building.

I also tried a colour roll, again I didn’t use the flash…oops. It does work, I checked. I think that is why I didn’t focus on it.

I love this funky fushcia fantasic and I am keeping it. What a fun little thing.

Lomography MEG x Fisheye

Another toy camera. Sometimes they are super easy to find and usually, they are in pretty good condition. Maybe they are unwanted presents. This one just had some stickiness from the price sticker on the back, easy to remove when I have the chance. I am always surprised by the toy cameras I try, surprised by how well they work considering the cheap production and plastic lenses. They look and feel cheap, I would never buy a brand new one.

Much like the camera I already linked to, this one is also associated with a Japanese artist. Here is a link to the Japanese page, let google translate it for you. There are various versions of this camera and they are still available to buy new on Amazon and other places. The Lomography shop gives you more technical details. Using the camera was pretty easy, you can get close to the subject and take advantage of the 170-degree wide angle lens (10mm). Even close up your photos show a distance from the subject. On some of my shots, I was touching or practically touching the subject.

Before using this one I did look at some example photos on Instagram for a feel of what other people have done. There was no concept that drew my eye, so I just plonked in a 12 exposure, out of date 400asa film and got to shooting. I did find it tricky to open the camera, the release was a bit stiff. The film winder was also stiff, but that is common with toy cameras.

Aaaaagh light leaks. As with this reviewer, I found the shutter release was not stiff and if left cocked it would easily take a shot in my bag. I remembered not to wind the film until I wanted a shot. I also tried not looking through the viewfinder…most of it is taken up by the barrel of the lens anyway and it does not give a true representation of your finished photo. The flash also fires if it is charged, even if you turn the button to off after charging. But gosh it is a fun little thing. I am tempted to keep it as I have nothing like it in my arsenal.

I think I will play with it until someone buys it…..and sold.