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Konica C35 AF2

This is another C35, I have tried a few. I rarely find one with a flash working. The one on this example doesn’t work either, but who cares, I have many cameras without a flash at all.


The light of the flash came on and the sound of it charging was there, but no flash on firing. I tried leaving the flash on for hours after reading how the tube might come back to life if has just been inactive for a long time. Nope, mine is a dead as a parrot nailed to a perch. The red light indicating underexposure did work, though the shutter will still fire. Well, the flash might not work but the ASA ring on the lens is easy to move. That is a rare find. Usually, they are as a stiff as a parrot on a…well you get the picture. Originally produced in 1980 it is the successor to the C35AF, the first camera with autofocus. The main thing I like about this camera is the funky distance scale on the side of the lens. I kept pressing the shutter just to see where the red needle landed. It’s like magic. It looks cool too, very retro. Not bad for a junk bin find.

Ok, but how are my test shots. I put in a very expired 200asa film and set the dial to 50ASA.I took the camera to Tsuchiura on a walk for another blog I do. I removed the strong colour cast so you could focus on the sharpness…and haze 🙂


I really don’t know why I keep using expired film when my local store now sells Fuji film for $2.50…it is fun though. The photos are not too bad really.

Keep or Sell: Sell for postage…and sold.




Minolta Hi-Matic AF2 MD

This camera is from 1982. There is a lot of information about the AF2 online, but not too much on the MD version so I am struggling to link to anything. Anyway here is the camera.

I took a few pictures of things that I had issues with to remind me to write about it at this stage. I don’t have the camera in my hands so I am working on memory. I did find this tiny entry on the web, you will have to use google translate to read it in English. It does state the shutter speeds and apertures are from EV 6 (F 2.8 1/8 sec) ~ EV 17 (F 17 1/430 sec). I think the MD means motor drive, but I can’t confirm that. I did try the AF-D and that had a film advance lever so I am confident with my guess.

Using the camera is easy, just point and shoot. There is a red light and audible beep if there is not enough light. The flash on this version did not work, so I decided to set a limit – I would only take shots of buildings. So off I trundled to Odaiba and got to shooting.

As I had recently found a few expired films in a junk bin I loaded one of those into this funky camera. I had a couple of issues with the camera. The date imprint would randomly turn back on, I think the cover was pressing on the button. Plus the rewind did not work. That meant I had to put the camera in a dark bag and rewind it manually. This was another film I brought back to the UK for developing at Picture Lizard.

Here are the test shots.

For an expired film, the shots are great. The sky is especially impressive, with the highlights showing good detail. This is why I love film. There aren’t many digitals that would capture this amount of detail and sharpness.

Keep or Sell: Actually I threw it away. With the flash issue combined with the rewind fault, I didn’t see the point in keeping it…but now I have seen the photos?? Would I buy another? No, I have the Nikon I tried recently and a plethora of others. BUT, I would recommend it to others. Any of the other Minolta AF versions would be great if you happen upon one.