Konica C35 AF2

This is another C35, I have tried a few. I rarely find one with a flash working. The one on this example doesn’t work either, but who cares, I have many cameras without a flash at all.


The light of the flash came on and the sound of it charging was there, but no flash on firing. I tried leaving the flash on for hours after reading how the tube might come back to life if has just been inactive for a long time. Nope, mine is a dead as a parrot nailed to a perch. The red light indicating underexposure did work, though the shutter will still fire. Well, the flash might not work but the ASA ring on the lens is easy to move. That is a rare find. Usually, they are as a stiff as a parrot on a…well you get the picture. Originally produced in 1980 it is the successor to the C35AF, the first camera with autofocus. The main thing I like about this camera is the funky distance scale on the side of the lens. I kept pressing the shutter just to see where the red needle landed. It’s like magic. It looks cool too, very retro. Not bad for a junk bin find.

Ok, but how are my test shots. I put in a very expired 200asa film and set the dial to 50ASA.I took the camera to Tsuchiura on a walk for another blog I do. I removed the strong colour cast so you could focus on the sharpness…and haze 🙂


I really don’t know why I keep using expired film when my local store now sells Fuji film for $2.50…it is fun though. The photos are not too bad really.

Keep or Sell: Sell for postage…and sold.




3 thoughts on “Konica C35 AF2

  1. Toby says:

    Nice shots, funny I just sold one with a working flash. I prefer the original C35. If you ever get one of those you decide to keep let me know, I have a spare land of the rising sun skin to fit.


    1. windswept007 says:

      I had one, and gave it away just recently. Have a look on the list. I have a friend just getting into film and thought she would like it…she has your camera too!


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