Fujifilm Fotonex 3500ix Zoom (Endeavor 3500ix Zoom, Epion (Cardman) 3500 MRC) APS

I didn’t think I would be trying an aps camera again, I had already given away all my cameras and sold any remaining film. Then I saw this one for sale with 3 films…for less than the price of one film. So basically I bought a film and got 2 films and a camera for free. Plus it was in a gift set box. Bargain, but only if the film was viable.

Look at all those names in the title. As you can see the camera is tiny, I think the name list is bigger than the camera. It was released around 1998. You can also see the USP could be the removable plate which can adjust the camera’s functions and even act as a remote. To be fair, removing it from the front and placing it on the back each time you turned it on and took a photo was a bit annoying. The camera takes one CR2 battery, this can power the back when it is attached. The removable back needs two CR1220 3v batteries to work as a remote, unattached. When it arrived the ones inside were dead so I didn’t test the remote function. I eventually replaced them and found it does work, but I haven’t used it in a photo setting as of yet.

The films that came with the camera were all the same, Fujifilm Nexia A200 25 exposure. Of course there was no expiry date on the films, but they had to be expired.

The box set looks great and I am sure whoever received it back in the day would have loved it. But after 25 years it is starting to fall apart as is the camera case. Both these items need a little glue, but to be honest I might not bother as I am not interested in keeping it. That is strong considering I haven’t posted the photos yet. It is an aps though and I won’t be buying more film. I might keep it incase some lands in my lap. APS film is good for double or even triple exposures. All you have to do for that is to move the symbol back to the 1 with a penknife to fool the camera.

So for the one film I tried with this camera, I shot half the film in my garden then took it out of the camera and moved the symbol back to 1. That meant when I reloaded it, half the film would be double exposures and the rest single ones.

Here are most of my results which I took in Sheffield while volunteering for the Weuros. For most of the time I was assigned to the Netherland fan area. They were very friendly and LOUD.

As you can see the film came out really great, so I have arranged to give one of the remaining rolls to a friend and use the other in a film swap. I will take some shots and then reset the cassette for the other person. The camera was fine, nothing great despite the cool back feature. I am happy I tried it, but I am not tempted to buy more film for it. For APS, the canon ix7 is the bee’s knees for me and I gave that away.

6 thoughts on “Fujifilm Fotonex 3500ix Zoom (Endeavor 3500ix Zoom, Epion (Cardman) 3500 MRC) APS

  1. darrell meekcom says:

    Fabulous pics! I really like earlier Fujifilm cameras, they are so much better quality than modern ones, sturdily built with no expense spared. I often carry around a Fujifilm f450 which is digital but similar to this APS one you have shown us here. The quality of the shots it produces are stunning for a camera of its age and its tiny. Thank you for showing us this one Peggy 👍👍

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  2. Roger B. says:

    That Fuji shows the design ingenuity and quality build that went into several high-end APS p&s cameras. I have a few such examples in a display cabinet – I never shoot them, but do enjoy showing folks the amount of analog technology that was crammed into a tiny machined metal box. Thank you for posting this story!


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