Polaroid Impulse Portrait

This camera came to me along with another Polaroid which I have already tried. As the film pack I bought contained two cassettes, I decided to try this one as well.

This Polaroid was produced around 1997 and refurbished versions can still be bought today on the Polaroid site. It originally came in a variety of colour and styles, this is the basic version. It works just like most 600 polaroids, you put in the battery pack, turn it on, and fire.

This one turns on by the way of the flash. Push the flash down and it releases the lens cover and the flash. There is also a close-up lens that is not locked in place, you have to keep pressure on the button while taking the shot.

I used my second back on a rainy day in Featherstone. So rainy, that my shoes became a permanent walking puddle and my coat dripped as I walked. Lovely. I ended up not taking a photo of the War Horse that I went to see due to the driving rain, which amazingly doesn’t show up on my phone photo. At the time of taking that photo, I could not see the screen and had to guess the composition.

I don’t think the weather can excuse the blue-tinged photos though. Just like the other pack, the results were not great. This is definitely the last polaroid I will try, even if David Bailey himself gives me an example….or maybe I would if I was given a Leica as compensation for trying another, but it would have to be a very good Leica.

Here are my sample photos.

Oh, do you see the black photo? No, I didn’t take a shot at night, the camera ejected the first shot straight after ejecting the darkslide. I include it here just so you can see there are no scratches and the colour is even. At least that let me know the rollers worked, waste of ยฃ2 though.

I am giving this camera away to a friend who does like Polaroids. I will stick to instax cameras if I want to use instant film.

10 thoughts on “Polaroid Impulse Portrait

  1. Darrell Meekcom says:

    It amazes me that Andy Warhole loved Polaroids?! Well the SX anyway but they’re generally big heavy monstrosities that produce miniscule shots of average size…not for me.

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  2. brineb58 says:

    The current version of Polaroid is very temperature sensitive. If it’s too cold, they will get a blue cast. I have used Polaroids since the early 70s and although it is nice to have the film, Fuji Instax is better quality.

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    1. Peggy says:

      Thanks, been looking and comparing online, I have a slightly faulty Sony rx100 and a canon sx720hs. So I should get over myself and use those. Actually I do have a Panasonic lumix, but I converted it to infrared…I could always put the filter back in that and hey, leica ๐Ÿ˜€


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