Photo Post: Olympus OM4 and cinestill 800T

I have never used this film before, I always thought it was a bit niche for my taste. But then, last Christmas, I received a roll as a present. I waited to use it. I knew there would be a night light eventually but most had been postponed due to covid. Finally, the one in Leeds was scheduled. I loaded my OM4 as I hadn’t used it for a while. Gosh, I love that camera.

I find street photography difficult, so I only took one of a person during the night as he was standing right next to me, also waiting for things to start. I didn’t manage to use the whole film that night so I finished it off on a photo shoot in Manchester.

Here are some of the results.

I was surprised by the results, as I didn’t think they would come out. I haven’t taken night shots before. The OM4 and f1.4 lens handled it beautifully. I love the colours. I definitely will buy a couple more rolls of this film.

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