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It is absolutely freezing here right now. Not cold by Canadian standards, but it is by far the coldest weather I have experienced in the UK.

I have tried to go out on photo walks, but in the most part my cameras have seized due to the cold weather. I have switched out my film from the older, manual cameras and now they are in more modern electronic ones. Currently, I have the Nikon F90x, Contax RTS III, and Canon sureshot A1 loaded. But today was still too cold for me, a real feel -11oC. I wimped out. What I find interesting is the fact I took a Yashicaflex and Nikon F2 to Iceland and they performed really well. Unfortunately, I don’t own either camera any more.

Right now, I am on holiday from school at the moment so I was hoping to use the time for photography or cycling. Neither look like they are going to happen as the weather is now set to turn into a rainy week while remaining cold. With that and the current lockdown in the UK, it doesn’t look like I will be doing more than reading this week. Ho Hum.

This all reminded me of a project I started last year, well, something I have been interested in for a while. Making Google maps of walks and places I want to visit.

I have completed a couple of other blogs based on this interest, which you can find details for on the about page.

During the first lockdown, last year, I made a map based on a book I picked up while on holiday on the Isle of Mull. You can download the book free here. It lists many films and TV shows that have been shot in Scotland. I made a map of most of the locations with the name of the film they refer to.

The blue place marks are ones I have not seen yet, the brown ones I have already visited at one time or another. While placing some locations I was a bit ticked off as I knew I had been there, but had not been to that specific location.

The movie Cloud Atlas was mentioned a few times and I was intrigued.

So ordered the book and DVD and watched/read them. I can’t say it was my favourite story, but I would still like to visit the locations at some point.

Plus I really want to explore Glasgow, that was mentioned in the guide book too. I have been once, but didn’t really get a chance to explore the area.

In the meantime, I am not going anywhere. I am doing as I am told and staying home or within walking distance of my home…Or remaining huddled inside until spring.

4 thoughts on “Stuff I’ve Read

  1. Khürt Williams says:

    I loved the movie Cloud Atlas; much food for thought. It seems the batteries for my Fuji X-T2 mirror less camera don’t last long in the sub 0°C cold of New Jersey.


    1. Peggy says:

      I think I need to rewatch it to get the full enjoyment of it. Some movies are like that. I don’t think I will reread the book, it was heavy work.


    1. Peggy says:

      Actually that is already on a “want to go” map, but it is closed right now. I grew up in Derbyshire, so may have gone at some point, but I don’t remember. Once the lockdown ends I will go there for a day…it is too expensive for a quick trip.


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