My Favourites Photos 2020

It’s very, very nearly the end of the year!!

At this time I like to look back at my photos, choose my favourites, reflect on the year. Honestly, I am done reflecting on this year…so here is a quick post about my favourite photos and my Instagram top nine.

The top nine from Instagram was easy to write about as they were not my choice. They were selected by the instagram community.

I found it interesting that the photo of myself for Holga Week got the most likes. I rarely post photos of myself on Insta. Three of the other photos are from a Holga camera too, so who needs an expensive camera 🙂

I was glad to see a throw back from my time in Japan was in there. It sounds strange but I am beginning to forget what it was like to live there…or if I even did. This year seems to have wiped it from my memory a bit.

What about my own personal favourites? Well, I looked back through my instagram feed to chose those. It is a lot easier to make a list that way, as all the information is listed in the tags.

This year the choice seems to be more personal than artistic. The year in general made it tricky to get out and about as much. As someone I know pointed out, I have had a cracker of a year in terms of health. I have definitely had covid once, probably twice. Then I had a couple of stinker colds…non-covid, which lasted a while. Finally, I damaged my knee and was unable/unwilling to go to the doctors. It meant I couldn’t walk or cycle too much this year, but I didn’t do too bad really all things considered. It could have been so much worse. ‘Tis but a scratch.

So here we go…in no particular order. Oh and these are screen grabs as it would take ages to go through my actual files…and I am done with the year. Plus, it is my blog and I am ok with the quality.

A clementis flower taken on a Sony Alpha 37 with a reversing ring macro adapter and a tessar 50mm lens.
This was taken on my Huawei P20 Pro phone. I like it as it reminds me of the fun I made for myself during the first lockdown.
This was also taken during the first lockdown, which lasted 180 days for me. It was taken on an old digital camera I converted to take infrared photos. I love it because I did it!
This was taken with a Yashica 44 and 35mm film to include the sprockets. I like how it seems vintage, but is not. All the scaffolding reminds me of bamboo scaffolding in Asia.
For most of this year, this location was my only place to walk. I took lots of photos here. I still find it a peaceful place to walk and do so at least once a week. This photo was taken on a Konica Auto Reflex TC that was a gift from a friend.
I took this photo to highlight the terrible condition of a road I use regularly. It is getting worse and worse, now there seem to be more holes than road. I love the photo though, I got up at 5am to take it. That is not like me, I am a bit of a lazy photographer. So this isn’t photoshopped, that is the real sunrise and I had to dodge a few cars while posing the figures.
This photo is added to the list for a few reasons. For one, I like it. I took it on a camping trip in between the lockdowns, when we were allowed to travel. It was taken on a Yashica FX-D in Swaledale. I went camping by myself and had a lovely time. I managed to walk 8 miles, even with a dodgy knee.
This is a photo I have wanted to take for a while. It was taken on a Holga Pinhole camera so I am impressed I got it exactly as I wanted. I was featured on a Holga website, that made me very proud. This year I have featured a few times on other websites and that is very heartwarming.
One of my goals for last year was to sell some cameras to get a new lens for my Nikon D750, a 24-70mm f2.8. I did it and this is one of the first photos I took with it. I haven’t used it much since. Next year I hope to rectify that. Plus, this photo is so damn cute.
Another photo from an hourly exercise walk in my local colliery. This one was taken with a Kiev 88. It shows me there is always something new to see in familiar surroundings if you look.
Another photo taken with my new lens and the Nikon D750. It was a spur of the moment shot of myself. I was watching a photography competition and one of the tasks was a self portrait. So I jumped out of bed, set up my camera, and took this shot. I like the results, it definitely shows who I am…in bed watching tv with a cup of coffee, and a Yorkshire flag.

So there you have eleven photos, not 10 or 9 for my own list…my list, my rules. It is definitely a different kind of selection than last year. But it has been a different kind of year. It is interesting that I usually shy away from the camera, but this page has three photos of me on it. Maybe that will be a new trend for me. If I can’t find a model, I can been my own.

I am not sure I will go as far as this friend who takes amazing outdoor shots.

Or be as wild as this friend who takes amazing indoor shots.

Or as creative as this friend who uses double exposures. Take a look at her magical shots too.

Happy New Year one and all.

10 thoughts on “My Favourites Photos 2020

    1. Toby says:

      Mmm, I think your holga self getting most likes says almost as much about your followers as it does about the photo.
      Ask who’s going to win an election in a town hosting a conference for one party your gonna get a biased answer. As in you’re more an adventurous lomo type than fine art, but that’s not a bad thing….not sure if that makes sense.


      1. Toby says:

        Now looked at the photos without reading so I can concentrate more on them. There’s some truly Fabulous photos. Really impressive. The one of you stepping off a stool or chair is my favourite, but it’s difficult cost there’s so much variety.

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      2. Peggy says:

        There is a lot of variety this year despite the monotony. I think the jumping one and the bed one. They both sum up COVID perfectly for me. Thanks for the words though.


  1. William says:

    Your enthusiasm for joyful experimenting, moving around trying different techniques, gear, subjects is impressive; you’re getting terrific results with each new thing. Absolutely love the monochrome shot of yourself lying abed in the glow of the tube.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. William says:

        Well, it’s marvelous; kind of sums up the nearly year-long Covid-lock-down-isolation experience of many, and in a way that’s in the Magnum-Kertesz photodoc interior under-siege tradition: us moderns with our gleaming and wealthy techno society laid-low by a bug, helpless and hunkering down. Great shot, says plenty.

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