I was interviewed!

It is not as dramatic as it sounds, I was not hauled into a police station for an interview. I had a nice little chat with a fellow blogger via messenger about my experience with film photography.

You can read the interview on her blog and while there, take a look around. She has some interesting camera reviews and experiences.

The Interview

Plus she has just released her first zine, which you can find here…

Her recent zine

I have to say when Alyssa first asked me, I felt a little shy. Sitting behind my computer, I can write and say what I want. In an interview you have to think a bit more quickly and I found myself worrying about my answers…that is until the actual interview and then I couldn’t shut myself up. It is a good job the answers had to be typed as it would have been a much longer post for her 🙂

2 thoughts on “I was interviewed!

  1. William says:

    Must say, Peggy, that the your photos shown in the interview are brilliant. Loved the backstory of your times in Japan, and camera-hunting there. Yours has been a very rich life, and that comes across well.

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