OMG No Camera Loaded

What!!! I just checked and I don’t have a single film in a single camera!

I don’t think that has happened for a few years. I do have a couple of cameras to test, but they both need light. Right now it is drizzly and darkish. So I will leave those right now.

I am visiting relatives tomorrow, in a park, socially distanced.

Which camera should I load and take with me?

All the cameras with a * next to it on the camera post list are ones I have access to.

Update: Thanks for the suggestions. I decided to check the location where I was going for any collect only sales…and an OM10 popped up, serendipity!

So I am trying this, seals need changing, but it should be ok for the day.

4 thoughts on “OMG No Camera Loaded

  1. Kurt Ingham says:

    Whatever you have that has a zoom-so you can get ‘closer’ in spite of the ‘distancing’ If it’s gloomy the one with the fastest lens

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