Stuff I’ve Read Recently

I haven’t read much recently what with all the coughing constantly, but I have read some stuff. So thought I would share a few things in case you are interested and for my own reference later.

This article by Kosmofoto is about someone working on the frontline in Wales and taking film photos of his working environment. The book he has created has sold out twice, but I will keep looking back to see when the next edition is for sale.

Kosmofoto has lots of articles that are right up my street. I love articles about famous photos, the history behind them, and the struggles it took to took them. So the article about one of the most famous images of World War II was perfect for me.

In the same vein there is a whole website dedicated to the stories behind one hundred of the most iconic photos of all time. I love this website.

For a more lighthearted read, I loved this one by Mike Eckman about unfortunately named cameras. It makes me wonder about Corona beer during this time. It is my second favourite beer. Apparently it is doing ok, but has avoided advertising because what tagline could be used sensitively at this time?

Of course I had to read this article about lenses as I am featured in it 🙂

And finally I read this post about a box camera I have not seen before. It has inspired me to try another one of the many box cameras I have. You will have to wait for that review though.