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This week has been quite busy photographically for me. Firstly I went to Blackpool to visit the exhibition which has moved there from London. While there I was invited to give a talk about film cameras on the 4th October. I haven’t planned yet what I will talk about as I was just asked. But I will explain the process I used to produce the photos in the exhibition. I will also take along some cameras to show how I have reskinned some in various designs.

Here are some examples.

The other announcement is that I will be at the vintage fair in Wakefield on the 12th October. I will have a few cameras to sell, plus other odds and ends. Last time it was there I spent most of the time chatting and convincing people that film is still alive.

Please come along and say hello, there will be a few bargain point and shoots to buy. Anything I sell me allow me to buy more film and enjoy my hobby a little longer.

6 thoughts on “Upcoming Events

    1. Peggy says:

      For the ones where I didn’t have the leather to draw around I used tracing paper to make a template. For the stamps, you just add them one at a time. Glue with simple stick glue, then clear varnish to keep them safe. Basically I did it because I couldn’t afford to get it done properly 🙂


    2. Toby says:

      I wonder if you coated a photo with clear vinyl….bit like I had to cover school exercise books as a kid. Might look funky a camera covered with photos it took.

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  1. Toby says:

    I found thick cartridge paper can provide a bit of extra depth to a camera covering when using thinner material such as paper or cheap sticky back vinyl. Charity shops are a useful source of suitable leather (handbags and lightweight jackets).
    Love the Yashicaflex, but they all look amazing

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