Pentax SFX (SF-1)

This camera can be found very cheaply on eBay. I found one example before, but nothing I did would make it fire up. I ended up taking it apart for fun and giving the lens away, I should have kept it. Now here I was with another example and no lens. I went wombling and the only Pentax autofocus lens I could find was an 80-210mm, so I bought it. I will try and find another, smaller focal length lens soon.

But what to do with a big zoom lens…go nature watching of course.

The lens wasn’t quite long enough to fully capture the herons and egrets. I wasn’t quite quick enough to capture the fleeing pheasants, but the one popping his head up makes for an interesting photo. The last photo was to test the flash, which worked perfectly. This was the first Pentax SLR with a built in flash. In fact, it was the first SLR ever to have a flash with through the lens metering of a flash system. You can find more technical information on this 1987 camera here.

For a dull day, this camera performed very well. The combination of the lens and body was a little heavy for me. I have another, lighter Pentax SLR body to try out so I will keep the lens.

Keep or Sell: The body is not something I will keep. It is also too heavy to post for the price it is worth. So I gave it away.

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