Nikon EM

I really liked this camera…until I started researching. What a sexist pile of crap!!!!

I did think the small body was kind of cute, convenient. I didn’t mind that it only had aperture priority mode, it still gave enough control.

BUT, then I found out this 1979 camera was designed for female photographers and of course female photographers cannot possibly understand manual mode or any other feature. Just give them aperture priority and make it small, because those itty bitty women fingers can’t possibly handle anything else grrrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, here are some photos of the smallest Nikon SLR ever made.

You can find some more technical details here. The lens attached to my other Nikon in my current location did not seem to fit this one. So I used an automatic 28-85mm lens that can be manual focused and has f-stops. It seems massive compared to the body.

So basically I put in some batteries and a film and started shooting because that is all I am capable of according to Nikon…double grrrrr.

Here is my test roll which I took while on a walk for another blog.

Goddamnit, it worked perfectly. It is also lighter than the Pentax ME Super. BUT I just can’t get over why it came into being. Nikon were condescending a***holes, and maybe still are as the link above about being a woman’s camera is current.

Keep or sell: Sell, sell, sell….and I have figured out how to sell it right here on the page…And sold.


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  1. I can’t believe that, well actually I can… was the 1970s…..doesn’t make it less awful. I’d have been tempted to print the article wrap the camera in it, find Nikon HQ then launch it with all my might through a window. I’ve the idea of selling the featured camera if you want to sell it. By the way I have a list of cameras you HAVE to buy and review then sell 😉😁

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    • I do know where the HQ is, but that seems a bit strong. I will stick with the “crap” comment.


    • As for buying more cameras, I am already struggling with luggage issues. Not sure if I can squeeze any more into my bags. I am going to try and thin my Japan based collection….try, but not doing so well.


  2. Grrrrreat post! Check out the sales brochure we have posted for the Yashica 44 – that camera was directly marketed to female photographers (lipstick tubes and pearls) but only because of the smaller 4x4cm format and the less expensive (better value?) 127 film.


  3. I am so tempted to buy this from you 😀

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  4. An you have this one also in Hello Kitty Pink?


  5. Is this camera also available in Hello Kitty Pink?

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    • You would think it might be, being from Japan and all. But Hello Kitty was created about the same time as the camera, so I don’t think she was popular enough when the camera was produced.

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  6. Hi,
    I get your point and agree. The feminist movement was in full swing by 1978, so it’s kind of amazing they took this approach. That said, it’s a nice camera. I got one last year and like it. Otherwise, I would be using your new shopping cart. Enjoy your blog very much 🙂


  7. actually don’t give a shit ’bout that chauvinism back than. Sadly women still have to fight for there rights. So I leave this as a curio from the past and looking forward to the day all womens rights are equal. ‘think it’ll be a long run 😦
    Beside that I really LOVE my copy exactly for that “female” features size, weight and simplicity. That are the reasons I bought it. Those chunky Nikons F 1 2 3 4 are not my cup of coffee. Some of my loveliest shots were made with this beauty.

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