Konica Pop Super

I have tried a POP before and had seen the different coloured ones on various sites and thought if I saw one I would try and get it..so here is the red version.

Konica has released many different point and shoot cameras and I have been impressed by all the ones I have tried. This version was released in 1988 and came in three colours. There is nothing to explain that isn’t said on the front of the camera.

  • Focus Free
  • Auto Flash

That’s it. This site has all the technical information you might need.

I am always nervous when I don’t have any control of the flash. I prefer to keep the flash turned off at all times and use natural light. I do not really enjoy street photography and a flash seems extra intrusive.

Anyway, I took this one to Leeds, West Yorkshire on a dreary day, but that certainly was not how I was feeling. Here are the test shots.

I think the camera performed well in difficult circumstances, but it is much more suited to a brighter day.

Keep or sell: I think I will sell or give away. I doubt I will use it again and I am running out of space 🙂

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  1. Some of the shots look underexposed. I wonder if it has fixed aperture/shutter speed.


  2. Cool looking camera! Love the red. My favorite shot is the Kirkgate Market sign.


  3. You’ve gotta love England in the rain!!!
    On a better day looks like it would produce nice results.


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