Yashica LAF Date

I took me ages to find anything on the net about this camera. It is in lists of Yashicas, but rarely with information or even a release date. Then finally, a snippet – 1986. Confirmed on this page. The only other website I found was this one in Japanese.

I can only add that the flash seems to be fully automatic because there is no switch for it. Unfortunately, the flash on my version did not seem to work at all. The film will load automatically, but it does not rewind without the switch on the bottom being moved. As for batteries it takes a CR2025. And that is all there is to tell.

I bought it for the name, Yashica. I assumed it would do the job. I popped in some Kentmere 400 that I had previously shot a couple of frames with on another camera. I finished the roll with this camera. The camera turns on with a slider on the front by the lens. That uncovers the lens. Everything seemed to work. If it was too dark or the subject was too close, the shutter did not fire.

So did it work.

Heck yeah. It is really sharp actually and the film is nice too. I kept the camera in my bag for a week. Here you can see a few days in my life – school, a mochi festival, a trip to feed some ducks and the fields around my home.

So keep or sell – neither, I have sent the camera to a new friend in America. They have a Yashica blog which I enjoy. I thought they might like this camera to throw around and use for fun.

Addendum: They have now received the camera and have written about it here. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Yashica LAF Date

  1. yashicachris says:

    Looks like it did nicely. I like the look of the black and white you used – and the Yashica added a touch of “film softness”. We tend to get spoiled by eye etching digital images but sometimes film is just better.


      1. yashicachris says:

        We received the Yashica today (Monday 30 Jan 2017)… wow that was fast! What a neat little camera it is and in great condition too. Carol and I are trying to decide what type of strap (color and style) to replace the missing one with. Red would be awesome to match the red details on the camera. We hope to find a day here very soon to take it for a spin. I’ve got some fresh Fujicolor that would go good with the 1986 styling. Thanks again!
        We’ll blog it soon and link back!
        Chris and Carol
        Oh yes we’ve got to get the 2CR5 battery for it. It was fun changing the time back the 14 hours from where you had it set and on the next day (31 Jan).


      2. windswept007 says:

        That was quick, other things I posted haven’t arrived yet. Glad you like it. And the date thing is interesting, I didn’t think of that. 🙂

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  2. yashicachris says:

    We were able to get the Yashica set up for a quick photoshoot in our studio. Finally found a 2CR5 battery for it today and I will finish with some additional beauty shots tomorrow. Next stop some fresh Fujicolor and off to town for some pics. I hope that I’ve linked correctly back to your site. I must have as that’s how I’m here!
    R/ Chris


  3. yashicachris says:

    Follow-up… I think I know where those not so funny reddish marks may have come from on my test roll. When I was loading the camera, it was under my rather bright studio lights (something every camera manual says not to do) and there might have been some light leaking into the film cartridge. ^.^


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