Yashica Electro 35 GSN

I finally have a working Spiderman camera!!! I was so excited I forgot to take any photos of it before I left it in the UK. So here is an image from the net that was labelled for non-commercial reuse. I will replace it with my own when I have the camera in my possession again.

Image Location

Yeap after trying out other versions here, here, and here I finally have one 🙂

Here is a website about cameras featured in movies. And here is the original theme animation featuring the camera.

Yes, I do know all the words.

Anyway as I have written about the series a few times I am not going to repeat myself, plus there are much better, more technical websites about … here is my test roll.

Not exactly Spiderman type photos, but now I know it is working.

Keep or Sell: You will not believe this, but I sold it. I wasn’t using it and someone offered to buy it. SOLD. I don’t have a spiderman camera anymore 😦