Fujifilm Instax Mini 10

This really isn’t the kind of camera I buy. It only takes ten shots, it is bulky, poor and small photos….and then I remembered the bronica. That is big, bulky and only takes 15 shots..good shots, but still only 15, plus I had to buy a new scanner to use it. So here was this “cheki” little camera I could get for only $7, new ones cost waaaaay more than that. So I thought what the heck and added it to the pile I was already wombling.

The “cheki” is formed from the Japanese habit of shortening foreign words or phrases, this time it stands for “check it”. This was the first version of the instax line and came out in 1998. Just when other film cameras and polaroids were going the way of the dodo. This one has been going from strength to strength, so much so that a new version was just released in 2015. Luckily, unlike most products, the film available today still fits the older version of the camera. This website tells you all you need to know about instant cameras.

This one is very easy to use, it has two settings for the focus distance. It automatically focuses on less than 3m, if you want to take shots further away you have to make a switch and the lens moves position.

So for that cheap price did it work? Well I almost didn’t have proof that it did. I took it into work and quite honestly it caused a mini riot with some of the Japanese staff, “ooh cheki checki..does it have film? Take a picture!!” and four shots were quickly gone. So I decided to use the rest of the film on ‘stuff’ and a selfie so the photos would remain in my possession.

BUT once I finished the cartridge I also lost the camera. If my Japanese friend could not have the photos then maybe she could have the camera??? It was cheap, you will find another?? I can use it with the kids?! It’s for work!.

So no keep or sell…just a STOLEN! Ok, I did find another and bought it, they really are fun šŸ™‚

And you do not have to shake it like a polaroid picture, though some people still do it.

6 thoughts on “Fujifilm Instax Mini 10

  1. the6millionpman says:

    Cool, I’ve been considering getting one of these for a project I have in mind, mainly cos I love the look of Instax film but also cos these are pretty reasonably priced on ebay.


    1. windswept007 says:

      You can get one here for $20 but this one was really cheap so I wasn’t expecting it to work. I recommend getting one, the quality is surprisingly good.

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