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Canon EOS 700 QD

Gosh, this felt like a heavy camera. This great blog says the camera is from 1990 and has a very heavy plasticky feel. I agree. That blog has all the technical details you could ever need including descriptions of all the different modes, and there are a lot of modes. Have a look at the selection dial.

There is even a mode for panning, I haven’t seen that before. When I put the film into the camera it wound all of it into the place that usually takes up the film. That meant every time you took a shot, the camera wound it back into the canister. I like that, it means if you accidentally¬†open the back, most of the shots taken are safe.

With so many modes it was difficult to remember them all. This is one of those cameras you have to use a lot to get fully familiar with it and to know when to change modes. I tended to stick to the “P” mode which is the intelligent program mode. Due to the area, I was testing the camera in I did use the landscape mode sometimes.

One feature I really loved was the switch on the side to turn the automatic flash on and off. It was easy to see and simple to use, no pressing buttons and rotating through modes.¬† In auto mode, the flash pops up when needed and automatically retracts after. Really the only thing I didn’t like about this camera was the weight. Even with the shorter, light lens, it felt really heavy.

I took the camera on a scoot up a mountain. Here are my test shots.

It was a really bright day, the Fujifilm handled it very well. Plus the camera’s intelligent program also coped very well. It chose to use the flash a few times and the resulting flash did not overpower the image. In fact, you might find it hard to tell which shots used the flash. The image of Ebisu and the image of the lion’s butt both used the flash. I think it is a great camera, but get a very comfortable strap if you want to carry it around.

Keep or Sell: The camera can be found quite cheaply on eBay. The weight would make it expensive to post anywhere for a reasonable price. I will have to ponder it…I gave it to a friend.

Canon EOS 1000 QD (Rebel)

When you are searching for Canon SLRs in Japan you are lucky to find anything other than a kiss. Which may sound interesting, but kiss after kiss after kiss can be quite tiresome. In the USA the same camera is called, “Rebel”. So I guess a kiss is better than a rebel. Anyway, I was happy to find a 1000 QD…and then I found out it is basically a rebel and a kiss, bugger. Oh well might as well try it out.

I got the body for less than $10 and the lens separately for about the same. This one was introduced in 1990 and has a built in flash. There is nothing different or special about this camera. If you are looking for a film camera, this will do very well. But there are much cooler and sharper cameras around. The mode selection dial for Canon hasn’t changed much over the years and when you see this camera from 30 years ago, it feels familiar.

This one seemed to have an issue focusing and it sometimes struggled to lock onto my chosen target. Though it didn’t help that this was one of the wettest months I have ever known in my whole life and it is set to continue into the next. Each day seems to have been rainy and dull. It made testing cameras quite difficult at times and quite depressing on the whole. For this test I went back to a park near a place where I sometimes buy cameras. For the rest of the film I was stuck around my place of work.


Once the camera finally locked onto the subject it performed really well, but due to the length of time it took for that to happen I got quite frustrated. I ended up chucking the the camera and selling the lens. I don’t think I will buy another Canon SLR as I have an AE1 which I haven’t blogged about yet.