Image Fusion Split-Cam

Well, this must be one of the cheapest, naffest cameras I have ever tried. A plastic fantastic that has more plastic than fantastic.

When it first arrived, I didn’t think it would work. It was too flimsy and weak. After loading it with film, I watched the video below and decided to tape it up. I taped up the sides and the sliders as they were loose. Oh and about the loading…the video was right, opening the back was a pain in the arse. It took me ages to prise it open.

Using this camera from 2004 was pretty simple. There is a switch to reset the shutter, so you can make multiple exposures at different slider settings. BUT, make sure your fingers are well out of the way of that button when firing the shutter. If you happen to touch it, in my example at least, the shutter stays open.

My example also jammed after 9 shots. I noticed the advance wasn’t advancing the film. Instead of giving up on the thing, I took it apart. I could see the mechanism/cogs were turning but the actual shaft where the film slots in wasn’t. Maybe it was a simple fix, maybe I could just “shove” it back in place. So that is what I did, with brute force I pushed the shaft upwards and it clicked. Since then it has worked as it should. Bonus, the door latch works better.

The original cassette I loaded was bulk loaded reuseable one which got stuck so I swapped the film back to a regular metal one. Then I reloaded the Exeter 400 short roll and finished the film. Here are the results, including a misfiring one as my thumb touched the reset button.

Interesting results, they definitely need more light. The instructions say the lens is a fixed f/8 aperture and a shutter speed of 1/100. As there is no flash shoe it is an outdoor camera only. You can see some more example shots on this website.

I will probably use it again at some point and update this page.

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