Kodak 66 Model III

I bought this camera as a secret Santa gift for someone, hence I waited to post this review until the new year. The person I was matched with specifically requested this camera. As it was a gift I had to test it in order to make sure it was light-tight and working. I would hate to give a camera to someone as a gift and find it did not work.

It was produced at the end of the 1950s and if you can find one, they are still quite reasonably priced. It is very similar to the Nettar I tried recently. The main difference is the absence of a red window cover on the back of the camera and the fact the top of the camera is made of plastic. Everything else works in the same way. There was also no rangefinder and you had to guess the distance. As I already have a few similar cameras, I don’t think I would have bought it without the request. The case on this camera was also not the best. I had to take the camera out of the case to use it, which meant there wasn’t a strap for protection. I took great care when using my example as I didn’t want to break it before gifting it. There was a double exposure lock, but like the Nettar you can also override that on this camera by using the cable release which is positioned in exactly the same place, next to the lens.

I loaded it with an expired JCH 400 and went for a very quick wander in the snow. I was also wary of the camera freezing up in the cold weather. Cold and old don’t mix when it comes to cameras.

Here are some of my results from the test roll.

Well, that is annoying and great at the same time. Great because it worked really well and I love the results. What a great choice and example for a gift camera. Annoying because now I have to give it away and I love it. Luckily, I do have the similar camera.

You can read another review by someone else who loves this camera here.

9 thoughts on “Kodak 66 Model III

  1. Kurt Ingham says:

    I might have decided that-while these pictures are great-the sample size is too small and I would have to keep testing it for a few more years-just to be sure all is OK

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      1. Darrell Meekcom says:

        You seem to have far more luck with expired film than I do Peggy! Anyhow..these early Kodak’s are now so underrated and inexpensive generally, take the Retinette b for instance, which is along a similar vein to the 66, what a great camera! as such I’m not surprised at the quality of your shots.

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  2. Darrell Meekcom says:

    PS…Ironically I’ve just been loaned a superb folding camera that I’m very reluctant to return…..🤣🤣🤣

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