Photo Post: Voigtländer Brillant S

I do like this camera, I like most TLRs. This set of photos is from a walk with a friend at Kirkstall Abbey. I haven’t been there for years and it was on my to-do list. My friend really likes having her photograph taken, a perfect friendship then. They were taken on Fomapan 200 and developed in Pyro-510.

The double exposure was accidental, as most of mine are 🙂

9 thoughts on “Photo Post: Voigtländer Brillant S

  1. John says:

    Nice pictures! I agree also that TLR’s are generally lovely to use. I could do with a friend like yours, who likes to be photographed 😁


  2. Roger B. says:

    Fine photos (as always). Do you prefer waist-level viewing and focusing to eye-level? If so, how do you cope with very bright surroundings, such as shooting on a sunny day?

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    1. Peggy says:

      I am trying a pentagon six at the moment with both types of finder. I prefer the WL when it is clear and bright. On this camera I changed the mirror so it is nice and bright. On the six it isn’t so bright so prefer the ttl eye piece. The bright sun doesn’t seem to affect the brillant as much as it is now brilliant.


      1. Roger B. says:

        Understood. BTW, there is a brighter screen for the P6, sometimes available from Ukranian sellers for about 50 USD on eBay. I had one on my P6 before its shutter linkage / film advance went south. The only P6 repairman in the USA, an ex-KMZ employee working out of metro NYC, has closed up shop, so that P6 has joined what Mike Eckman calls the “cameras of the dead”.

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      2. Peggy says:

        As the p6 I have is borrowed, I won’t be spending any money on it. But that sucks for you, surely there is someone in the whole of the US that could do something. It is a pretty good camera, worth a try.


  3. NigelH says:

    You certainly seem to get good results from yours Peggy, mine is pretty lackluster but I guess if I had given it a good clean it probably have seen better 🙂 But I also have the Superb and I like that much more so invested in that instead. Is yours the one with true focusing?

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    1. Peggy says:

      Yes, on the original post I wrote how the focusing actually didn’t work. It came lose from the mechanism so I sent it for a repair. I also changed the mirror myself. All that made it more enjoyable to use…well, basically it wouldn’t have worked otherwise.


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