Photo Post: Contax RTS III

These photos have been sat on my computer for a while and as I am in between testing cameras right now, I thought I would post them.

Considering I have tried to move away from collecting more cameras…I have suddenly gained about 7 cameras from various friends, readers, and bargain buckets. Three of them have films in, but it is raining a storm now and for the next week. That means I don’t have any new post quite ready yet. I really like walking around outside with cameras, not the inside, still life type shots.

These were taken on a cold day in February when we were still under lockdown. They were captured on a Lomography 400 roll I received for xmas. The shots I captured really connect to the mood I am in right now. My personal favourite is the one with the purple ball. You don’t see purple balls very often and I wish I had gone into the stream, got it out of there and put it in more shots.

I am off for a walk in the rain tomorrow, I hope I get to finish a film.