This Blog during Covid-19

Well, this year is going to hell in a handbag innit!?

I am self isolating to a certain extent right now. I live with my elderly father, just turned 77, so I am limiting my interactions with others. But in regards to paid work the isolation has been imposed by the government. I am a key worker but have been working as a supply teacher, zero hours. So no contract and now no work. Therefore no pay and no compensation. BUT, I am still luckier than so many people. I don’t have to worry about a roof over my head and have plenty of food…and toilet paper. And that is that. My plans for the year have changed, along with those of millions of others.

I was in Japan during the 3/11 earthquake. That experience has coloured many things in my life. The underlying thoughts in my head always go to…well, it is not as bad as that. This will pass, life will go on. Some people in the UK will be ashamed of their behaviour, some will have no idea what they should be ashamed of. But there will be many people that should be very proud of themselves.

Anyway, I will carry on taking photos, trying out the cameras I have around my house. Trying out some of the projects suggested in the books I have. I was trying to reduce my collection and move forward. The current situation means selling my cameras is tricky – No fairs, no boot sales, no post office trips. So I will hold on to them for now and use up some of the film I have…but not the C41, I can’t afford to get it processed. I have a couple of rolls of E6 and the last dregs of my chemicals. So I will use that first.

I have a couple of posts in my draft folder, completed before things escalated. After that the photos will be from my garden, house or away from other people until it is deemed safe to go further and be around other people. My father might become my model 🙂

Take care of yourself and follow the advise from the doctors etc. We are in this together.

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