…but I really needed that camera!

A while ago I bought a Polaroid camera, I know I said I would not try them again, but you should not believe anything I say. Anyway, it didn’t work very well and I had 3 packs of film. The film is expensive, so I looked for a cheap replacement. Then lo and behold one of the same film type was pictured in a Facebook Marketplace sale near my house. Brilliant. And the whole lot was cheaper than the original Polaroid I bought.

This was the advertisement photo.

…look at that “Button” peaking out. Sod the rest, I wanted that. But wait what is that camera at the bottom to the left?? So I went for a look. It turned out to be a Franka. I have also wanted one of those for a while. Double brilliant. AND an APS camera with a flip up flash, kind of wanted to try one of those too. I won’t say triple brilliant, but you get the idea.

Anyway I paid the money and took them home to try. Out of those cameras only two didn’t work and neither were the ones I wanted. Looking at my camera post list I definitely have enough cameras to try for a while and enough to head to a vintage fair again.

5 thoughts on “…but I really needed that camera!

    1. Toby says:

      Yes I read pictures like writing, unless it’s art in which case it’s foreground to background. 😂
      Was curious about those two because I couldn’t identify them. Sad truth of GAS…..I can identify loads of cameras in dodgy listing photos from a 1000 yards😁


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