Olympus Mju Zoom 105 Delux

Another Mju Zoom for $3, I couldn’t resist it. This one was the deluxe version due to the remote control and quartz date. I put a new battery in the remote and it seemed to work, but I needed to read the instructions to use it efficiently. You can read about this 1995 camera on this website and find technical details here.

I really don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. If you want a cheap point and shoot, this one is fine. It is weatherproof, has a nice zoom, a retractable cover, and a viewfinder diopter.

I wandered around with it in my bag and then while going to the cinema I got this film and 2 other developed at a new-to-me lab. This lab was not in a major place and I think the chemicals were old. The negs I got back were all a bit purple. Plus I don’t have ready access to a cd player right now. So I had to scan the negs myself. Welcome to my purple life.

This camera was fine, it was not great. I would not recommend it, even for $3. The lowest aperture available was f5.6 which is really not great, especially for a weatherproof camera that might be used on a dull day. I know the film was not processed well, but it really did not handle the cloudy day well.

Keep or sell: I sold it back to the second hand shop, definitely not worth the weight.

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  1. Hate that eBay sellers are ripping people off with these things just because of the mju name and as far as I know none of the mju zooms are worth more than £5.
    Pentax Espio range are far better.


    • I thought the 70 did well, and I quite liked the 140..but this one was a pile of poo.


    • Actually looking back through my posts, this the first one I didn’t like. Including the one I sent you 😛


  2. The one you sent me wasn’t a zoom it was a mju 1 with panorama. They’re great!

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  3. Sorry what I was meaning was sellers implying the zooms were as good as the fixed lens mjus an slapping on massive bin prices on £90-120 I’ve seen


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