Konica Revio CL (aps)

This was another $1 find, but it was so pretty. Look at that green colour. Plus it had a flip up selfie mirror, very useful.

You can find all the specs you need here. There isn’t much else on the net, but Amazon states it was available for sale there around 2006, but this site says it was released in 1999. Either way, my example was clean, literally minty. It worked like all other aps point and shoots, but having the selfie mirror made me think it must have a close minimum autofocus distance.

I took a few shots myself, then I gave the camera to a couple of other people. First another young chappy I was taking photos of, then a friend at school. Basically, this camera worked great, but I have plenty similar ones so could barely be bothered to test this one.

Here are some photos from the test roll.

The minimum focus distance was ok for taking selfies as you can see. The camera worked fine but did not rock my boat. It was worth the $1 and was a good camera, if I didn’t have others I might have kept it.

Keep or Sell: I promised an APS camera to another young man so he got this one.

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