Japan v Hong Kong camera prices.

I decided to go to Hong Kong for Xmas. I have never been and always wanted to. It is so close to Japan, plus I have friends here with a vacant apartment for me to use. Thanks buddies. Anyway, one of them also likes film cameras and he sent me off to a place with a few shops. Once I found it, there was a plethora of cameras to choose from.

But golly the prices. They were so much more expensive than in Japan. I did buy some film and the seller asked me what camera it was for. I showed him the Contax 167mt in my bag and he said, “honest, honest where you get that lens, it is rare here, very expensive”. I told him about living in Japan and how much I paid for the 50mm, he said it would be double in Hong Kong…of course then he tried to sell me a uv filter for it. 

I also had a mju 70 in my bag that I got for $3. I saw one in a shop for almost $80. I think I will leave it for my friend as I understand now why he doesn’t have so many cameras. I haven’t tested it, but I am sure it works. I will finish the film here and develop it later for this blog.

So no Xmas gift for myself at the moment, but it does mean I might go a bit wild before I leave Japan.

And here is a cute penguin I saw in Kowloon Park for your troubles

Merry Seasonals to you all.

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  1. How fitting!
    Have fun!
    Merry Holidays and all that stuff!


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