Makinon MK-II

I was wandering through Akihabara, as I am want to do on a weekend, and there, a new camera shop!! Brand new!! In fact, the owner was still putting cameras on the shelves. Not only that, right at the front was this camera. It is a weird looking thing from a manufacturer I had never heard of before. I walked in and asked to buy it. I was his first customer, he hadn’t even unwrapped his till yet. I think I made his day.


It has a very plastic feel, it reminded me of the original Lomography camera. That one had a little more control than this one and much more written about it on the net. This one is practically non-existant anywhere. The only reference I could find stated that it was also produced as Porst 135 KE. The Makinon version is the same camera for the Japanese market, and I am in Japan. There are a few technical details here. And that is it, all I could find. It was released in 1981 and at that time I can only imagine how many alternatives there were in Japan. I have no idea where in the market this toy camera would fit. And that is what it essentially is, a plastic, toy camera. I did not enjoy using it. I did not really understand how the scale on the top worked to set the camera. The flash is the weirdest part, you swing it out to turn it on and use. It uses 2 AAA batteries (LR03), though the ready light took ages to turn on, the flash did work. The camera is ready for use when the barn doors are open, closed the shutter locks.

I did not enjoy using it I did not really understand how the scale on the top worked to set the camera. It is a fixed focal length camera so what do the people symbols mean. You are not changing the focal length so why does it matter how far people are away from you. The clouds and sun symbols are much more understandable and I stuck to using those.

So did it work?


Yes, it is a very simple point and shoot that does no more than that….I paid way too much for it and doubt I will get my money back. Maybe the rarity will help there as I have no intention of keeping it. At least it is another camera to add to the list.

Keep or sell: Given to a friend due to my imminent move.



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