Konica C35 MF

I was intrigued when I saw this camera. It looks like a cross between a rangefinder and a point and shoot. There is barely anything on the net about it apart from the basics.

All I could find was that it is from 1982, is fully automatic, has auto-focus, automatic film loading, automatic winding, and automatic rewind.

Here is what I can add. The flash can be turned on and off as per your choice. There is a self time and a focus locks switch on the front. On the back there is a film indicator that turns when the film advances or rewinds (the MF probably means motorised film). You choose up to 400 ASA buy turning the dial around the lens. The lens is a 38mm F2.8 Hexanon lens that has a 46mm thread so you can add filters if you so choose. And the best bit is that it takes 2 AA readily available batteries.

There is a good weight to this camera without being overbearing. I like it, but does it work?

Yes, it worked quite well on a dreary day and on a sunnier one. My scanner didn’t work quite so well. I have found that the index prints I get from the developer looks really nice, but my scans don’t match the quality. But I am not going to cough up the extra cash to pay for a CD on developing. I can cope with the tints.

So keep or sell…nice though it is, I will sell this one.

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