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Canon T70

I wasn’t really interested in this camera from 1984. I actually thought it was ugly. But then I saw one, a really clean one, with a lens and flash attached too. So why not.

I didn’t attach the flash for these photos and haven’t used it yet as I tested this camera outside on a sunny day. Right off the bat, I changed my mind and I absolutely loved this camera. The viewfinder was bright and made the manual focusing easy. It had all the settings you would ever need. There are loads of posts about it on the net, including these great ones.


The last one even compares it to the T50. Those links give you all the technical information you could ever need, I can’t add to them. All I can do it summarize…we all love this camera.

Ken Rockwell says he even prefers it to the AE-1. I am not sure I agree with that, just on looks alone I prefer the AE-1.

But did my example work?

Holy¬†cracker rice and pancakes, yeah it did. I took it to Yokohama Park during hanami season. Lots of flowers, lots of sunshine. Unfortunately, not lots of baseball tickets, but we had fun on a rare warm, sunny day in April. The rest of the hanami season this year was pretty cold. All the photos came out. I really enjoyed using this camera. Everything seems to have been thought of, including a button on the film door to stop it being opened accidentally. The lens was clean and sharp too. I don’t think I will find another example in such good condition. I highly recommend this camera and goddamn it Fujifilm is good.