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Pentax Efina T (aps)

This is the second APS I have tried recently. This one is small, well built, solid. It feels like a quality piece of equipment in your hand. There is also a lot about it online, including all these technical details. The brushed metal finish of this 1999 camera makes you feel like, yeah…this is gonna work. And then you remember the film issue.

Anyway, here is this great looking camera.

And look at that tiny, tiny flash! I thought…That is never going to work and most of the reviews agreed with that thought. Oh well, I still like it.

I loaded it with Agfa Futura II and left it in my bag for ages…and ages, whipping it out when I remembered, testing the flash on Christmas day. It was just so small, it was easy to lose it at the bottom of a big bag. Then, when I finally remembered it again, I took it to Bradford.

Oh, if it only had ISO over-ride it would be super. Oh, if only there was fresh film it would be even super-er. But no. Great to hold, fun to use, not great for important photos.

Pentax Efina – APS

It seems aps cameras in Japan are not worth the metal/plastic they are made from. I disagree, they are great cameras, pity there is a dwindling supply of film.

It has a pleasing combination of metal and plastic. Plus it has a sliding cover, I love those. It is like opening a door on Star Trek (I am not admitting to making any kind of noises while doing so). It was originally released in 1997, which was early for an APS camera as the film was rolled out in 1996. This one has all the regular features of this type of camera, but also a dial on the top like an SLR…but without the same settings. Still, it is convenient.

There was no film inside this time, but I recently bought some in a shop…a shop. I bought nearly all of it. So I popped one in and left the camera in my bag when I went to take photos for a friend. She wanted photos of her three-year-old son. He was easy to capture as he was such a cheery little fellow. So after I gave him the camera to play with.

He actually did very well. This camera was perfect for a young child as he could insert the cartridge and then it was locked inside, so no fogging. He told us where to stand, how to pose, and said, “one more shot, look this way”. After prying the camera back I took it on a walk with some students and their parents.

The path was through trees, so the light was dappled.

Finally I thought…Oh, indoor shots.

What a super little camera. Easy enough for a 3yr old boy and a ??yr old woman to use, inside or out, up or down a mountain.

Keep or Sell: Given away, I have all the APS cameras I need.