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Reskin my Cameras

I have been laid up at home with influenza this week. Isolated. I couldn’t go out and basically slept all week. I have one more day of isolation left. As I couldn’t go out to take pictures and my house is too covered in tissues to take pictures inside I decided to try my hand at reskinning a couple of my cameras instead.

Maybe not the wises move when you are coughing and sleepy, but what the heck.

I had ordered some glue and leather from a shop on eBay. Hobby Nexus. They post detailed instructions online and I thought, well, the cameras only cost me $5 so what am I losing.

First I tried the other Olympus 35DC I had. Removing the old skin was easy. I forgot to take photos before I did it. So here is the one I posted about before.

And here is the reskinned one, this one has the timer switch.

I really like it. I didn’t go for a wild colour, so I think it looks smart. I hadn’t tested the camera at this point so didn’t know if it worked, but as I had run out of food I donned a mask and walked to the local combini….which was a mistake as I then slept for the next 4 hours.

It works and it looks pretty. My next reskin was on an Olympus Pen EE2.

The first picture is the original. I haven’t had the film developed yet so I don’t know if it works, that will be another post. I doesn’t look as neat, but I still like it.

Olympus 35DC

This is an Olympus day. The second post for today is for the Olympus 35DC. There are two versions of this camera and I have both, lucky me. I haven’t tested the other, but this one has a button on the bottom that overrides the shutter lock in lowlight conditions. The other has a battery check button. Why there are two version I do not know, why they can’t both have the same features I do not know. I do know that one has a metal shutter button and the other has a plastic one. So I am guessing it is due to the date of manufacture as with the Olympus Trip. The DC was introduced in 1971 and used a mercury battery. As I have a few of these types of cameras I have some adapters so I can use regular cell batteries.

This one looked very clean and no corrosion in the battery compartment. Once the battery was inserted the light meter worked perfectly. The light seals disintegrated in my hand, so I changed them. I really have to get neater at that.

Then I took it for a spin, with some very old film, around Akihabara and immediately took it to be developed at Yodobashi Camera who do a cheap one hour service.

As this is a rangefinder, there are two images in the viewfinder that you have to bring together to focus. It is not zoned like the Olympus Trip. I prefer this kind, but it is not quite so quick as zoning. So excuse the colour cast…

This day has reaffirmed my love for Olympus cameras. This one was so easy to use and the f1.7lens is so sharp and clear. A fantastic find for a junk bin. I won’t be keeping this one as I have the other find that I have yet to test. Finger crossed I find out the other works before I sell this one.