Stupidity Part Two

I am writing this post to remind myself to not develop films when the day is far too hot and humid. Everything went wrong. Everything.

I developed a roll of Kosmofoto first, taken on a Holga 120 and left it to dry while I started on a couple of C41 films. One a found film, another from a new to me camera.

BUT… I could not find my film picker. I looked everywhere. In the end I decided to rearrange my room and sulk over the fact I don’t live on my own or have a full house any more. A house with lovely air-conditioning. Now I have a room, a hot room in summer and a cold room in winter.

I also had to clean everywhere as some pieces of furniture hadn’t been moved for many years while I have been away. It was a fairly big job, in the humidity and the heat.

While doing so I found a pair of socks, one earring, and some sunglasses I thought I had lost, but no film picker. After I finally got the room to a manageable situation, I sat down and emptied my film box and there was the film picker…in the right place all the time. I hadn’t needed to move things around at all. But I suppose a change is as good as a rest.

Well, now I could develop the C41 films…but it was hot and humid..putting my hands int he dark bag only exacerbated the situation. I could not roll the film on the spools and ended up touching the films so many times, but finally they were on. And now to develop, luckily the heat would help with that…unless your chemicals are exhausted 😦 and they ended up so thin I didn’t even bother scanning them. More sulking and ordering new chemicals.

Well at least I have the Kosmofoto film?? Remember it was a 120? Well I forgot and had only put enough developer in for 35mm. What a day! There was a happy accident though. The bubbles at the top of the developer actually had a nice effect on a couple of the frames.

So the lesson I learnt, on a hot and humid day I should sit and read a book. I should not do anything that requires any thought. AND to top it off I first wrote this post on the wrong blog, luckily I saw that before publishing. I think I am going to have a cool drink and go to bed early today.

Oh and as for Kosmofoto, it is a great film, but whenever I use it something goes wrong. It is like I am trying too hard to get a good roll or that I am conscious of past mistakes. I need to get a good roll from it, watch this space.

4 thoughts on “Stupidity Part Two

  1. Kurt Ingham says:

    Hot weather- sweaty hands in a changing bag-uncooperative film and reels-a recipe for stress we’ve all cooked. I’ve learned to just stop and take a long break when aggravation gets that high,but if there’s a deadline…

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    1. Peggy says:

      No deadline, only my own…I just don’t like to waste my days. I have to learn that sitting and relaxing is not a waste, but is actually needed.


  2. w m says:

    Hah! I know those sorts of days well. And yet, house cleaned, picker found, and the Holga bubble shots are wonderful, like archaeological expedition photos from the mid 19th century All despite the stifling heat & aggro. Nice recoupment.


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