Leica M3

I know!!!! I got to use a Leica M3!!! I was slightly excited. What better camera to talk about for the 200th camera post.

Someone I know has a few Leicas and let me choose one to play with on a short walk. He even provided the film.

I only had my phone with me to take the camera shots, it doesn’t matter, it always looks good. This version was a one-stroke version which he has had CLA’d. Using the focusing mechanism was as smooth as a knife through butter. The viewfinder was the brightest one I have ever seen. The second image was really clear. I have serious camera envy. I almost feel like selling all my cameras and getting just this one. In return for me using this camera I gave him my Leica III with the Canon 1.4 lens to use.

When I pressed the shutter I asked if that was it, did it work? It was so quiet I was unsure if I had pressed the shutter hard enough. I agree with all the good things that Mr. Rockwell said in his review. This website also talks about the bright viewfinder. Seriously, it made using my Leica like looking into a cave with only a candle while wearing sunglasses. If you need any more details, here is the ultimate M3 review, honestly that is the title. Though I want one desperately now, I am not going to do what Hamish did and buy one while tipsy. I have a habit of doing things like that.

The walk our group did was far too short. I think we all finished one film. I used a Fuji Acros 100. Here are my test shots, with permission from the parents to post the children’s photos.

I love this camera. I love the smoothness of the lens movement, shutter movement, and winder movement. Now, how do I get one for myself? Wait, what about the photos from my Leica that my friend used.

Hey, not bad at all…maybe I just need to stop playing with cameras, get the Leica CLA’d and use that more often.

As for the M3, keep or sell: I had to give it back 😦

BUT 200th camera reviewed!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Leica M3

  1. grumpytykepix says:

    I’ve always fancied the M4; the only time I used an M3 (not mine) I found loading just too fiddly for me though no doubt if I was lucky enough to own one I’d get used to it. I also prefer the rewind crank though I understand it’s more fragile but I’m not keen that the advance is plastic. However, the most important reason is that a 35mm lens is my favourite. If I won the Lotto it would be the M4 I’d go for. But of course if an M3 fell into my lap …

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    1. windswept007 says:

      I think the friend had an M4, M6, and the digital. He has an amazing collection. The M3 I tried had the 35mm lens. I would be happy with any of the Ms.

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  2. Shaun Nelson says:

    Don’t know why I didn’t see your blog sooner! 🙂 I bought an M3 about a month and a half ago. I’ll be writing my own review and thoughts this week. It really is a fantastic camera. Congrats on your 200th post!


      1. Dan James says:

        Look forward to it! I know when I used to shoot a lot of different cameras I got more picky over time as I started to see what was out there, and it became easier to dismiss new “contenders” as I had yardsticks in place.

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